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What’s Going on With The Banks And What Do We Do Next?

April 7 2023
What’s Going on With the Banks and What Do We Do Next? The collapse of SVB Bank has sent shockwaves through the financial world, and the situation hasn’t gotten any easier as other banks quickly followed suit. The collapse of these banks can be mainly attributed to mismanagement, excessive risk-taking, […]...

Thinking About Saving? Make it Easier.

June 1 2019
The single most important thing about saving money is to automate the process. You can do that by utilizing your work 401(k) plan or a direct deposit into a savings or investment account. You want to make sure your automatic savings are set up for the days you get paid […]...

Making the Most of Your Special Day

January 2 2019
Paying for a wedding can be a lot, but why not take advantage of it? Here are the three main things you should look for in a wedding credit card: sign-up bonus, introductory interest rates, and rewards types. You’ll typically get a sign-up bonus after you spend a certain amount […]...