Author: Eric Croak

Optimize your Portfolio: Active Investing within Passive Strategies

May 2 2024
In the constantly evolving landscape of investment management, a new paradigm is quietly revolutionizing the way individuals, financial advisors, institutions, and foundations approach wealth creation and preservation. This shift moves away from the traditional buy-and-hold strategy, ushering in a new era that embraces active investing...

Financial Health Check for Your Foundation: A Nonprofit Guide to Secure Investments

March 8 2024
Conducting a yearly financial exam can be as valuable as the wellness check-ups we diligently schedule with our doctors. It’s a proactive method that safeguards the long-term health and vitality of your financial assets. For non-profit organizations, this endeavor is even more critical, as the stewardship of funds affects your...

Navigating the Wealth Maze: How to Select the Perfect Financial Advisor

February 26 2024
It’s often said that wealth doesn’t come with a manual. If it did, the section on financial planning would likely be thicker than a dictionary. For high net worth individuals and recent retirees, the act of managing substantial assets is like traversing a labyrinthine maze — one that could lead […]...