Learning More about Croak Capital

Founded on April 1, 2018, Croak Capital has quickly become a leader in wealth management solutions for sophisticated investors. Led by Tim & Eric Croak, with over 50 combined years of investment experience, our firm embodies a fusion of seasoned financial wisdom and fresh, innovative approaches to wealth management.

Our Mission & Vision

At Croak Capital, we understand that wealth isn’t just about money — it’s about freedom, security, and the ability to realize your dreams. Our mission is to provide a boutique client experience, paired with a hands-on team approach that leaves no aspect of your financial life unattended.

Our Team

Croak Capital comprises a team of fiduciary advisors committed to providing unique solutions to investors’ problems in both public and private markets. Our integrated approach to wealth management means our clients have access to CPA’s, CFP’s, and a diverse team of professionals who are experts in their fields.

Our Values

As a firm deeply rooted in our community, we believe giving back is a privilege. Our community involvement ranges from board participation to donations aimed at the betterment of the community and its residents. We’re not just about building wealth but about enriching the community that we call home.

Why Choose Us

Choosing Croak Capital means opting for a boutique client experience where each client is treated as a unique individual and where your financial freedom, security, and dreams are our priority. Our hands-on team approach ensures that you always have access to a diverse range of experts to guide you on your financial journey.