Reducing Debt Without Suffering Today

February 27 2019

Trying to reduce your debt? You might not need to look too far, here are some fun ones:

Use credit cards to your advantage.

Let’s say the average person spends $30,000 per year on expenses. If you put those expenses on a 2% cash back credit card, there’s $600 back per year for very little effort. Take advantage of perks that companies are willing to offer and you should be able to minimize some of your unavoidable expenses.

Utilize technology to shop around.

In the technology age, it pays to shop. Car insurance, ATM or banking fees, phone & electric bills have all been overhauled by technology companies so taking one day a year to shop around for new deals will be sure to save money in the long haul. Most of these companies also have some pretty great sign-up bonuses to switch.

Refinance your loans.

Similar to shopping around for normal bills, you can also refinance your loans. Student debt and mortgages are very easy to refinance and, if your income or financial situation has improved, you will usually get better terms on your loans. We’ve seen couples that have saved thousands of dollars per year this way. Hope this helps! Let me know if I can provide any other insight. Best of luck with the rest.