Making the Most of Your Special Day

January 2 2019

Paying for a wedding can be a lot, but why not take advantage of it? Here are the three main things you should look for in a wedding credit card: sign-up bonus, introductory interest rates, and rewards types.

You’ll typically get a sign-up bonus after you spend a certain amount in the first 3 months. This can be perfect for a wedding because of the high expenses in a short timeframe. Most rewards points can be exchanged for travel at better conversion rates than cash back, so buying your honeymoon flights or hotels with the bonus could be a quick and easy way to save money right away. Most couples will be able to pay for their honeymoon flights without any out of pocket money.

Other cards will have an introductory 0% for a certain time frame. This can come in handy for the budget conscious couple who wants to pay off their wedding over 18-24 months. This allows them to break down expenses into monthly payments even after the wedding which should reduce some of the burden of paying for a wedding. You’ll need a real plan for this one though, as the rates will jump once the introductory period is over.

The last thing you want to judge is what kind of wedding you will have. If your reception is at a hotel, for example, then the entire bill will look like it was charged for travel expenses. If you’re getting married at a Marriott Property you might want to get a Marriott Credit Card and reap the huge rewards you get for spending your money with them. Likewise, if your reception is at a restaurant then you might want to get the best card for dining rewards. A credit card can be a great tool to relieve some of the burden of wedding planning and, at the very least, a cash back credit card can quickly accumulate points as a small ‘thank you’ bonus which a debit card will never be able to do.