Key Investment Changes, May, 2023

May 5 2023

Better-Than-Expected Q1 Earnings

We are excited to share some key updates as our team continues to fine-tune our investment portfolios. The stock market has been showing promising signs and we made three strategic adjustments to capitalize on these opportunities.

In response to better-than-expected first-quarter earnings, we have increased our exposure to the S&P 500 – a popular index representing the 500 largest publicly traded companies in the U.S. This move will allow our portfolios to benefit from the strong performance of these leading businesses. Additionally, we have shifted some investments to an aggregate bond fund to increase stability. This decision was based on recent increases in bond prices that were driven by a slightly more stable interest rate environment. A larger focus on corporate bonds should provide our clients with an additional reliable income stream and further diversification.

As part of our ongoing efforts to manage risk and enhance returns, we offset these changes by reducing holdings in international small companies and moved some investments from small and mid-sized businesses to larger, more established ones. This adjustment will help to lower the overall volatility of our portfolios while still aiming to capture a significant portion of market gains.

We are confident that these changes will contribute to the long-term success of our portfolios and we continue to monitor the economy and the market as news comes up. As always, we encourage interested parties to reach out to their advisor with any questions or if you would like a deeper dive into your personal situation.  Or, if you are curious to learn more about Croak Asset Management you can be connected with an advisor by clicking here.

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