Croak Capital provides sophisticated 1031 exchange strategies to accredited investors looking for tax relief when selling their investment property. Recognized by the IRS, this strategy allows investors to defer taxes on capital gains and depreciation recapture by exchanging properties.

Delaware Statutory Trusts (DSTs)

DSTs, legal entities holding the title to real property, are a core part of our offerings. With DSTs, investors acquire a beneficial interest in the trust and enjoy limited personal liability for the assets. They provide tax advantages and potential income streams. Our expert team ensures compliance with IRS guidelines, protecting your interests.

Your Investment, Our Priority

With over $10 million dollars of DST 1031 business closed, Croak Capital has real industry experience to provide the best options for your investment. Our streamlined 5-step process involves a qualified intermediary, secure transactions, and time-bound property acquisition.

Why Choose Us for Your 1031 DST Exchanges?

We blend expertise with personalized service, ensuring you reap the potential benefits of DSTs:

  • Tax-deferred Capital Gains of Investment Real Estate
  • Consistent and stable income
  • Experienced management companies to handle the daily demands of real estate
  • Multiple debt ratios for any range of properties

Your Wealth, Our Expertise: Let’s Navigate Your Financial Future Together

Harness the power of 1031 DST Exchanges and navigate the path to a prosperous financial future. As your premier wealth management partner, we stand ready to guide you through the intricacies of this tax-deferred investment strategy.

Ready to explore the potential benefits and make an informed decision about your real estate? Contact our team today and let’s embark on this investment journey together.